The Gifts Your Mom Really Wants This Mother’s Day

If you’re in the market to buy a present for your mother, mother-in-law, or wife or girlfriend, you’re in luck for this year’s Mother’s Day shopping spree. We scoured the web and social media to find the best gifts that moms are looking for this year and this is the ultimate list for the woman in your life.

And before you read too far, Mother’s Day 2018 is on May 13, so don’t wait too long to get your gifts planned and purchased.

Give Current Moms a Little Rest

Being a parent is hard; being a mother is incredibly hard. It’s why Luke Bryan says most “mommas should qualify for Sainthood” in his new song. Many mothers I spoke to had other things they wanted, but sleep was mentioned most often. How important is this gift? One study found that in the first week of the baby’s life, moms received 1.5 hours less sleep than before the baby was born. Not to mention that the sleep they did receive was fragmented into three times more sleep episodes per day. The other challenge with moms receiving enough sleep is that it is often fragmented into unpredictable blocks of sleep which don’t allow the body to actually rest.

Treats Are Always Good

What mother ever turned down a sweet treat … on any day of the week? But especially on Mother’s Day! A dessert for breakfast is a sweet way to begin; perhaps a cinnamon roll, her favorite muffin or donut, or even just a delicious coffee from her favorite cafe.

But you can also surprise your mother or wife with a special meal in or out. Then you can end it with a trip to her favorite ice cream place, or even a mimosa in bed! No one ever got in trouble for going to Jeni’s Ice Cream for their flavor of the month.

Keep the Noise to a Minimum or Give Mom Alone Time

Since the women in our lives, especially the ones with newborns, are not getting enough sleep, a little quiet time is probably in order for Mother’s Day. Try to keep the noise level to a minimum and let her watch her favorite movie while you watch the kids (or take them out of the house for a few hours) to give mom some pure and uninterrupted quiet time. Also, don’t make mom watch cartoons or cartoon movies. It’s her day after all.

I found a mom (of two) who had a great Mother’s Day last year. She said that her husband took the kids away for an entire night and gave her a full 24 hours to herself in her own house … with no kids! She treated herself to donuts, tacos, “crappy” television and just enjoyed the day to herself.

But Also Spend Quality Time Together

A mom is a mom because she loves her family, so find fun, unique, and stress-free ways to spend a little quality time together. For instance, many moms said they just want a new family picture (with no fighting, of course). And while you’re taking the new family picture, pack a picnic lunch and spread out a blanket and create some new family memories.

A Clean House Goes a Long Way

With all these kids running around and making never-ending messes, maybe the perfect gift is to hire a deep-cleaning of the house while you’re out to lunch with the family. And you could even surprise her with her favorite dessert waiting (and disposable plates so there aren’t any dishes)!

And, If You Can, Treat Her to the Spa

What mom wouldn’t love to spend a few hours at the spa, getting treated to a full-body treatment: full-body massage, pedicure, manicure, a wash, blow-dry, style, makeup, and then a dinner with the family. She has certainly earned it.

And of course, handmade cards and flowers are always a good way to start the morning (and that doesn’t have to be exclusive to Mother’s Day).

On a personal note, to all the mothers in the world, and my own, Happy Mother’s Day!

A two-time political candidate and author, Richard is passionate about financial planning, business, technology, and really good whiskey. Oh, and good German beer, too.

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