Six Inexpensive Summer Dates

When you have the love-bug, you typically want to spend every waking minute with your special someone. Whether you’re in the early stages of dating or if you’ve been dating for months or even a year or so, going on “dates” can become expensive but it is still something you should want to do to grow in your relationships.

But dating someone you care about doesn’t have to be a break-the-bank journey and experience. Dating should be fun and enjoyable; and always affordable. There is nothing worse than out-spending yourself just because you’re in love.

As we move into summer, now is the time to get out and enjoy your neighborhood and community with your special someone. And through my own experiences in dating, and now marriage, it is important to have “fun” dates. Here are some of my favorite fun dates for the summer.

Grab Coffee

It sounds cliche (probably because it is), but coffee is always a great date. It is even better if you ditch the chain coffee-shops and go somewhere local to taste their unique flavors. In fact, a lot of local shops roast their own coffee and even do their own version of coffee tastings. Just like whiskey, coffee has very distinct flavors based on where they are grown and how they are roasted. At most, you’ll spend $12 doing two coffee tastings and you’ll have fun and learn something along the way!

Pack a Picnic

One of my favorite dates of all time was a picnic from Peanut Butter & Co. When I lived in New York City, my boyfriend and I bought a basket packed with peanut butter sandwiches, veggies, and chips, and walked over to Washington Square Park on a beautiful summer day. The total was maybe $20. And while not every city has a peanut butter sandwich shop, what is stopping you from making a great picnic and heading to a local park to enjoy a great summer day?

Watch YouTube & Eat Ice Cream

Hours of comedy are available on YouTube, so why waste your energy going to a comedy movie at the theater when you can have unlimited amounts of fun at home; comfortable and on the couch? All you have to do is pick up your favorite ice cream, relax on the couch under a blanket, and start searching. You could start with “funny pet videos” or “funny kid videos” and just sit together, eat ice cream, and watch and laugh together for an hour or more.

Take a Class Together

Many cities have opportunities for friends and couples to take classes together. These can be one-night events or a weekly class focused on dancing, cooking, or even a skill like photography. Make sure the class is something you both want to do; and do together. It is an opportunity for you both to get to know each other on a new level, and learn a new skill along the way.

Join a Rec League

One of the benefits of joining a recreation sports league which meets weekly is that you have a weekly date night built into your schedule! Sure, playing sand volleyball weekly for six or 12 weeks doesn’t sound romantic, but think about the fun you could have together. And after each match, you could try out a new ice-cream treat together or perhaps even a different quick pizza place to celebrate another good week of volleyball!

Find A Lucky Treasure

We have all seen them while we drive around on the weekends: garage sale after garage sale after garage sale. Here is an idea: both of you get $15 and you hit up a few garage sales one morning to see what you can both find. It’s just meant to be fun and a different way for you to spend some different quality time together, but you never know what you’ll find. Perhaps you’ll find some cool glassware to add to your kitchen or maybe some great old vinyls you’ve been searching for.

In any event, these six ideas are meant to provide you and your significant other unique and fun date ideas which won’t break the bank. They will also help you to build and grow your relationship to a deeper level because the focus isn’t on the “relationship” so much as it is just you and the time you get to spend together.

A two-time political candidate and author, Richard is passionate about financial planning, business, technology, and really good whiskey. Oh, and good German beer, too.

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