For The Guys: How To Treat A Girl On A Date

Dating in our modern day, ‘hook-up society’ can be pretty difficult for those who are trying to build solid, grounded relationships and find partners to build a life with. Technology (like Tinder) has made finding a date more convenient but when you finally get together, things are as they always have been; needing to start with genuine kindness and respect. Most people know how to be kind and courteous, so I wanted to take this to the next level and give you some easy ways to treat her while you’re spending time together.

Be Honest With Her

Women love our partners confident as well as sexy. However, let us not forget the one quality that is rarely mentioned: honesty. When ladies agree to go out with you, especially on a first date, we are just trying to get to know you. You shouldn’t feel like you need to fit into a certain set of criteria but rather show us the truest version of yourself. The confidence that comes with inner and outward honesty is very attractive and can be the most important parts of a date early on.

And let’s get real, we both want this to go somewhere, right? Let’s also not forget that honesty is the key to a valuable, healthy relationship. By being honest, you establish trust, self-confidence and your personality; three factors I am willing to bet you want to exude. There is nothing worse than going on a date with someone who is working so hard to impress you that they kill their own personality. What could be worse? Finding yourself months down the road, in a relationship with that person, realizing that you feel lied to because they were so focused on impressing you that they omitted their true selves.

All to say this. Tell the truth. Show your real personality and interests. Tell us girls what makes you tick and where you passion lies. Be real. Be your honest self.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Everyone likes to feel special and unique, and it’s no different for that woman that you are dating. Switching it up allows you to honestly have a new, genuine experience on a date and allows her to see how you handle new things. This can also be a honest and subtle way of impressing her and letting your actions speak louder than your words. Maybe she gets to be that woman that you tried sushi with for the first time. Or maybe you both went to the zoo with on a date, showing her your love of animals. This can be a great way to show different aspects of your self, your bravery, your sensitivity or even your compassion. Yes, even taking her to place you have never been to can be a remarkable experience. After all, no woman wants to go to the restaurant that you and your previous dates have been to. Or even worse, that you and you ex used go to this same place on the beach every day near sunset.

Do something new that you’ve never been brave enough to try. Go somewhere and eat something you’ve always wanted to but could never find the right moment. Now let us also be clear, this is not to say that you should go skydiving if you are afraid of heights, or deep sea diving when you’re afraid of large bodies of water. Do things that push your limits but that also allow to stay true to yourself. There is a difference between stepping out of your comfort zone and walking 500 miles away from your comfort zone. Be reasonable with yourself.

Have Fun Together

This may be the most important thing to show her. After all, you are your best self when you are having a good time, revealing those genuine smiles and radiating joy. Dating should not be serious and somber. Enjoy yourself and she will too. Are you a goofball? Love to crack jokes? Good! Be those things. Dating women look for men that they can see themselves in a relationship with for the long-term. Not to mention, every relationship deserves some excitement and happiness. The type of date you go on and what you two do will always be dependent on your two individual personalities, your budget, and events around you. The point is to get creative. Show us how much your willing to enjoy with us, all the while holding our hand through it.

Lydia is a very down to earth Chicagoan, outspoken and proud of her past and the person she has become. Currently, she is preparing for motherhood, pursuing her dreams of becoming a counselor, and embracing life as it comes.

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