Five Books to Read at the Beach This Summer

If you are heading to the beach or the lake this summer for some rest and relaxation, one of the best ways to do that is to take a brand new book with you and lose yourself in it while listening to the sounds of the waves crash around you.

The sounds of the waves coming in and going out provide a therapeutic rhythm not often found in our day-to-day lives. Couple that with a new book filled with adventure, intrigue, and emotions, and you will find yourself content and re-energized when you go home.

Here are our recommendations for six great books to take to the beach this summer.

Honeymoon with my Brother

Rarely does a book arrive that begins with heartache and ends filled with laughter and love. Hopefully, I did not give too much away, but the title of the book gives away the punchline. The man in the middle of the story – the same one who ends up not going on his honeymoon with his “wife” – decides that instead of staying at home and wallowing in his misery, to go on his planned honeymoon, and he invites his brother long. What follows is an adventure-filled true life experience filled with grief, sadness, anger, and joy. Check out this book.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

Now an amazing Broadway show, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, first came to me as a recommendation from a friend. It reads almost like To Kill a Mockingbird in its simplicity, but it has to. The main character, Christopher, is on the autism spectrum which adds an incredible amount of complexity and real-world comedy and frustration to the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. If you’re looking for a great read on the beach, this may be the best choice.

Bottom of the 33rd

For the sports fan, the Bottom of the 33rd is a real-life tale of the longest baseball game in the history of the sport. It’s not from the World Series or some amazing college battle long into the night. The longest game in the history of the sport was played out on a small field in rural Rhode Island in front of a tiny crowd. Worse yet, it took multiple days. This book takes you back to that fateful day in April 1981 when two teams squared off in a simple game … one that would … not … end.

Beautiful Boy

As the conversation across the country has focused on addiction and the opioid crisis, one book stands out among all the others in putting a human face on addiction. Beautiful Boy is written by a distraught father about his son. David Sheff writes about the ups and downs of his son’s methamphetamine addiction. He covers the impact on himself, his family, and his youngest son. It is easy to keep the problem of addiction in the news or on Intervention, but Sheff grabs you with his first-person account of the trail of destruction that comes with addiction.


Any book by Malcolm Gladwell is a good choice, but my recommendation for this summer is one of his older books, Blink. In an era of instant gratification and rapid-fire work and decisions, Gladwell seeks to understand the ways in which our human unconscious interprets events, and how we try to make informed decisions at rapid speed. There are examples of police decision-making and an analysis on married couples. One of the best things about any of Gladwell’s works is that he takes great research and distills it down to everyday situations to help us understand our world more deeply.

Whether you’re looking for a book at the beach this summer, or just a great Saturday read, these five books are sure to provide you with great entertainment, incredible emotions, and leave you with more questions about the world around us.

A two-time political candidate and author, Richard is passionate about financial planning, business, technology, and really good whiskey. Oh, and good German beer, too.

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