Q: What is Anthology?

A: Anthology Avenue is designed to be a story – your story – to guide you through your career, your first dates, your breakups, planning for retirement, and paying off your student loans. We’ll be here for your first kid and your first family vacation. Together, we will write our stories.

Q: What does Anthology mean?

A: ‘Anthology” is defined as “a published collection of poems or other pieces of writing.” That’s what we are. We produce content that will provide value to your life and your personal journey. Together, we are writing our Anthology.

Q: How do I write for Anthology?

A: We love writers! And the more writers we have, the better our content because then we will have something for everyone! If you’d like to join our team, check out our writer requirements and tell us what you want to write about.

Q: I love the content on the site! How do I advertise?

A: Anthology prides itself on providing a great experience for our readers. That means, any advertising and sponsored content we do use is high-quality and engaging. If you’re interested in learning more, head over to our Advertising section and contact us today.

Q: Who are these writers?

A: Our writers are an eclectic mix of men and women from a variety of backgrounds, writing about what they know. Find out who they are and read some of their favorite work!

Q: Is this site just for Millennials?

A: While our content is aimed primarily at the Millennial generation, there are certainly elements that are relevant for all of our readers and we will continue to strive to provide the best content for all of our readers. Have a story idea for us? Tell us about it!