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Can’t seem to find a good date? Enjoying your life as a single Millennial? Or do you just have a story to tell about how you paid off your student loans in two years? That’s why Anthology is looking for contributions from moms, dads, divorcees, and single Millennials all over the country. That’s why we’re hoping you will write for us.

What We’re Looking For Right Now

The editors of Anthology are always looking for informative (and fun) stories about the challenges and lessons from all Millennials. Right now, this is what we’re obsessing about….

Dating: Do apps work? Have a crazy first-date experience? Are you married and you’ve mastered the love languages? What are your thoughts on PDA? Dating isn’t easy; especially when everyone always has their eyes down on their phones. We’re always looking for dating stories on dating, engagements, and weddings for Millennials.

Parenting: How did you know you were ready to be a mom or dad? What were your favorite books with your little one? Millennials are getting married later which is changing the timeline of our parents and their parents’ lives. We love stories on raising kids in today’s world.

Wellness: Whether you have kids, are an entrepreneur, or just … are alive … how do you manage to get enough sleep? Or did yoga change your life? Maybe you found calm with meditation? We’d love to hear how you have been able to find some … any solution for your health in our fast-paced lives.

Career + Finance: How did you land your current job? What are the current resume trends? And how the hell can you use LinkedIn (or Facebook for that matter) to land a new job. Since we’re going to change jobs every 3-4 years, we need to constantly stay up on the trends in career development. Not only that, our finances sometimes can be a bit of a challenge. Loans, loans, bills, and retirement. We want to cover it all.

Life + Style: What are the best-hidden gems in the south? Love donuts? Have the best meatloaf recipe? And how to do dress like a movie star on less than $200. Living your best life is what Anthology is all about. We want to know how to live in today’s world and how to do it looking good.

Ready to Write?

Read the site: You’ve made it this far. Make sure you understand our writing style and recent topics. We love personal narratives that connect with readers and can be helpful. 

Remember English 101: Make it clear from the beginning what you are writing about. You remember that lesson in sophomore English about a “thesis” right? We aim for our stories to be 900-1200 words, but the story needs to be great to get past 200 words.

Write: This is often the hardest part. (If you’re unsure if you’re a good writing candidate, fill out the form at the end of this page. We’d love to talk.

When you do write your piece, keep it approachable. We’re friends here.

When you’re done, email your piece to 

Submit Your Story

Stories should be sent to You will hear back within a day or so. 

Please also send along a two-line bio and a headshot with your social links. 

Please understand that we rarely publish stories that haven’t gone through an editing process. We will make some changes on our own for clarity, brevity, and readability. Then we may send it back to you with some notes for further edits. 

Finally, we can’t guarantee that all stories will be published. 

Are you ready to contribute to Anthology or do you just want to learn more about our open opportunities? Simply fill out the form below and our editors will be in touch soon to answer any questions you have!